Week Ten {365} 2017

Day 65

Emily came home from school today and wanted to make a cookie cake. Gone are the days that the girls need me to help them in the kitchen. I feel a little bittersweet about the whole thing. Sad that I’m not needed but proud that they are independent enough to do cook or bake on their own.


Day 66

But there are still things that they need me for!!  Nicole is waiting patiently for me to french braid her hair for school today.


Day 67

Nicole had a dentist appointment today, so we went to lunch afterwards, we may have snuck in some shopping :). It is always so nice to have one on one time with my girls.


Day 68

Todd’s cousin had her baby boy and I got to take his newborn photos today in the studio. He is the sweetest thing and his big sister couldn’t stop giving him kisses, it was adorable.


Day 69

Nicole had her first sem-formal middle school dance today. It was kind of hard for me to see my baby all dressed up and looking so grown up. Emily did her makeup and I did her hair. She had a really good time with her sweet friends.


Day 70

Nelli loves to sit outside my office when I am busy working. She wants to be near to me but not willing to lay on the cold hard studio floor. She is the sweetest thing.


Day 71

I started following an instagram account called creative.inspiration.community and am now building my first rainbow of images. I am pretty excited about it.



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