Week Nine {365} 2017

Day 58

Em busy doing her homework.  Once I saw that afternoon sun shine through our kitchen window I had to take another shot.


Day 59

My dear friend asked me if I wanted to come up to our church an paint with her and I jumped on the opportunity. She is such an hard worker and inspiration to me. She suffered a stroke after giving birth to her second son and it has left her with vision problems that prevent her from driving and a limp when she walks. She has not allowed her stroke to keep her down at all. She is such a giver of her time and talents. She has such a huge heat. I love her dearly!


Day 60

Just wanted to document the beautiful spring flowers popping up already. It seems a little early to be seeing them already, but I will take it.


Day 61

My husband’s grandmother passed away in January and the family went through her house just recently and I found this beautiful old dictionary. I love books and especially old books. She was a very sweet lady that loved her family very much, she will be missed. (I couldn’t decide on the color or black and white edit so I shared them both)


Day 62

I had this little princess in the studio today for her cake smash. She was absolutely adorable and LOVED that cake.


Day 63

Our house at the beginning of spring. Our bradford pear trees are starting to bud out. The girls hate these trees because they have a bad smell until they leaf out. They think they smell like fish.


Day 64

Here I am doing one of the things that I LOVE, reading on a Sunday afternoon. I take this rest on the Sabbath pretty serious, LOL!!



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