Week Seven {365} 2017

Day 44

My laundry room. For years I have always done laundry on Mondays and Thursdays, so I wanted to share my laundry day with you! 😉


Day 44

The view from my bedroom doorway to my laundry room. So much to mop.


Day 44

The view from my laundry room to my bedroom.


Day 45

A creek down by our neighborhood pond.


Day 46

My brother and niece came over today and I had to take a photo of her looking at books. Plus look at that hair sticking up in the back..lol!


Day 47

Nelli, Nicole, Jason and Emily


Day 48

I am in love with and so thankful for my girls’ relationship. They are the bestest of friends and get along so well. I prayed for their relationship when they were little. I grew up with brothers and have always been in awe of the bond between sisters. It’s been a blessing to watch that bond form between my girls.



Day 49


Day 50

Fun times after lunch on Sunday!


Our sweet Nelli has been sick this week and we were all so worried about her. Thankfully her meds are helping and she is getting back to her old self. Total side note, I think she is getting annoyed with me and my camera in her face all the time. 🙂



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