Week Four {365} 2017

Day 23

Nicole doing what she loves!! We love going to her games and watching her and her friends play basketball. They all have grown in their skills and endurance.


Day 24

We took a family photo before we left for the WSU basketball game. I sat my camera up on our grill, set the timer and ran to my spot. My family was so excited to head to the game so I wasn’t able to make adjustments and do some retakes. But at least I learned from it.


Day 25

My sweet Nelli girl watching over the neighborhood. She loves being outside.


Day 26

I love the afternoon sun that shines through my kitchen window. I had to take a photo of the sunlight hitting my dough bowl and decor.


Day 27

Nicole is killing time watching Netflix before we head to school.


Day 28

My Valentine Mini Sessions were on this day so I went through and chose one of my favorites, which was hard to do. So many adorable kids.


Day 29

My sweet Nelli girl just soaking up some sun.



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