Week Two {365 project} 2017

Day 8

I was having a hard time trying to decide on which image to share, so I am sharing them both. Each one has there pluses and minuses. This is an old garage/barn outside of Derby.


Day 9

I wasn’t feeling very creative or motivated on this day so I just took a photo of our house. Which has inspired me to take a photo of our house at each season this year. I am excited to see the difference. Hopefully I remember!


Day 10

This is a new park that was just built in our town of Derby this year. They still have some minor things to do until it is complete, but it is still open to the public and a great place.


Day 11

This is the sign for the same park that is pictured above. I was getting behind in my photo a day project so I doubled up! Night photos are so fun but can be so hard. You definitely need a tripod for these. I use the Manfrotto from B&H Photo and LOVE it!


Day 12

I had a little Strabucks date with my husband and oldest daughter and just had to take a photo of my hot cocoa and vanilla bean scones. I love the atmosphere at Starbucks, it smells heavenly and you just want to stay there and get comfy.


Day 13

I had a session with this adorable one year old today! He was so happy!


Day 14

This is ice on our trees in our backyard. The weather people had us all scared this ice storm was going to be so intense that people were freaking out. It was kind of comical!



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